Welcome to PJO


PJO was created in an effort to unite all of the Premier 1/1A owners, creating a platform for members to freely share information, enhance operational efficiencies, and partner with those that provide support.


The Premier Jet Owners organization works to want to maintain the Premier 1/1A aircraft’s value by working with partners and others, ensuring continuous support at a reasonable cost.


The PJO organization was formed with the goal of keeping our airplanes flying safely and efficiently, while collaborating to share operational information, best practices, and cost reduction opportunities.

  • Share information to enhance safety.
  • Work closely with NBAA Premier Technical committee to share issues and concerns.
  • Work with suppliers to ensure spare parts availability and pricing
  • Increase the reliability of aircraft system and components.






Membership Details

To join, you must be a Premier 1/1A owner or operator with an aircraft in service. Membership for suppliers and industry partners will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


The PJO Membership Includes:

Administrative Interface to share information with fellow jet owners both online and in-person.

Highest level of access to a library of documents, online resources, and partner discounts.

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